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Friday, May 14, 2021

Apple Opens First Floating Store at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Welcome to Apple Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, the world's first Apple Store to sit directly on the water.
The sphere-shaped store offers 360-degree panoramic views of the city and its skyline. Designed by architecture studio Foster + Partners, the dome is an all-glass structure that is fully self-supported, with 114 pieces of glass and 10 narrow vertical mullions. The store is Apple’s third in the city.

"I didn't sleep all night," said Ervin Liyu, who was first in line to visit the store. He got there at 6 a.m., four hours before doors opened. The 19-year-old design student marveled at the architecture. "The stainless steel walls is just something else," he said. "Even now I'm out of the store, I'm still really excited to go back again when I can."

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the store opened with social distancing measures. Guests had to make an appointment to visit, customers' temperatures were checked and hand sanitizers were provided.

For Liyu, the store brought him some joy. "We hardly get such interactions like this," he said. "If there's something to celebrate in 2020, this is one of them."

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