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Monday, Jun 14, 2021

Apple suspends Parler from App Store

Apple suspends Parler from App Store

The app has been suspended until it takes measures to prevent posts that incite violence from spreading
Apple has suspended Parler from the App Store, saying the social networking service had not taken adequate measures to prevent the spread of posts inciting violence.

Apple had given the service 24 hours to submit a detailed moderation plan, pointing to participants using the service to coordinate Wednesday’s attack on the US Capitol.

“We have suspended Parler from the App Store until they resolve these issues,” the company said in a statement.

Parler is a social network to which many Trump supporters have migrated after being banned from platforms such as Twitter. Plans for the protests in Washington DC that ended in the storming of the Capitol this week were widely shared on Parler.

It follows a similar move by Google, which removed the app from its Play Store until the platform adds “robust” content moderation.

The actions by the two Silicon Valley companies mean that Parler is unavailable for new downloads but would still be available via mobile browsers.

Earlier, a letter from Apple’s App Store review team to Parler said: “Content that threatens the wellbeing of others or is intended to incite violence or other lawless acts has never been acceptable on the App Store.”

Parler’s chief executive, John Matze, said in posts on his service on Friday that Apple was applying standards to Parler that it did not apply to itself and the companies were attacking civil liberties. He added in a text message: “Coordinating riots, violence and rebellions has no place on social media.”

Matze said of Apple: “Apparently they believe Parler is responsible for ALL user generated content on Parler. By the same logic, Apple must be responsible for ALL actions taken by their phones. Every car bomb, every illegal cell phone conversation, every illegal crime committed on an iPhone, Apple must also be responsible for.”

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