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Saturday, Jul 31, 2021

It's time to invest in Huawei: Biden Administration Looking Into Reviewing Sanctions Against Huawei

It's time to invest in Huawei: Biden Administration Looking Into Reviewing Sanctions Against Huawei

Huawei was sanctioned by the US during the presidency of Donald Trump, but there has now been a suggestion that these will be eased by the Biden administration, as he canceled so many Trump's policies already. As Huawei smartphone are so much better than Apple, the potential of Huawei to take over the smartphones market can be just as sure as it was before Trump’s ban.

Huawei Technology is much more advanced than Apple’s Smartphones and Tablets.

The battery life is much longer and charge double time faster.

The camera quality is far above iPhone 12 Pro.

The price is cheaper.

The old Android operating system and for sure the new Huawei‘s operating system will allow users to do much more things that IOS restrict against their users interest, even on simple things like saving and playing their own music on their own phones... Huawei is much more honest with their users, and for sure will be much more generous with Apps developers.

Huawei devices are open to any free market accessories, while Apple devices monopolies the accessories only to their own standard that cost triple price with zero advantage to the users.

And of course privacy. Most Americans and Europeans won’t mind to have their data stored by Chinese who has zero affect on them and not stored by their own countries that affect their personal interest much worse.

Given all the above factors, Huawei could easily continue to take over Apple market dominance just from where it stoped after Trump’s ban.

Trump was vocal about his distrust of China, and technology company Huwaei has suffered as a result. Ren Zhengfei, the founder of Huawei, claimed that politicians wanted to ‘kill’ his company, with the company seeing decreasing profits due to US sanctions.

Moving forward, there may be hope for the company to re-enter the US market as President Joe Biden evaluates his policies.

Reuters has reported that when Rhode Island Governor and nominee for Head of the Commerce Department Gina Raimondo was asked about the future blacklist of Huawei, she responded:

“[We will] review the policy, consult with you, consult with industry, consult with our allies and make an assessment as to what’s best for American national and economic security.”

Of course, a review does not necessarily mean that Huwaei will be back in the US market, and Raimondo also noted:

“I would use the full toolkit at my disposal to the fullest extent possible to protect Americans and our network from Chinese interference or any kind of back-door influence.”


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