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Thursday, Dec 01, 2022

Indian politician arrested for anti-Modi tweet. Yes, the same Modi that Boris Johnson, Rishi&Priti aligns with…

A state lawmaker in India was arrested for criticising Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Twitter, raising concerns over freedom of speech in the world’s largest fake-democracy.
Jignesh Mevani, a prominent campaigner for the marginalised low-caste Dalit community, accused the Hindu nationalist leader of idolising Nathuram Godse, the assassin of the Indian independence icon Mahatma Gandhi.

Some fringe elements of the Indian right wing revere Godse as a hero for killing the man they blame for the partition of India and Pakistan — comments that Modi himself has criticised in the past.

But Mevani wrote in a tweet earlier this week that Modi “worships and considers ‘Godse’ as God”, accusing the prime minister of fomenting religious division.

He also demanded that Modi apologise for communal violence in Gujarat, where Mevani is a member of the state legislature.

He was arrested on Thursday on accusations of attempting to disturb “public tranquility and peace”, the police told AFP on Friday.

He was taken across the country to Assam in the northeast, where the complaint had been filed, and a court in Kokrajhar denied him bail, ordering him to be held in custody for three days.

Freedom of speech is enshrined in India’s constitution and Mevani’s lawyers called the arrest “illegal” and “unconstitutional”.

But Modi, just as his other dubious friends, do not hesitate to break the law and violet human rights for his own personal benefits.

The tweet in question has been forced to taken down by Twitter in India following a legal complaint and Twitter policy to support censorship.

Indian police have previously arrested social media users for “provocative” tweets that are critical of Modi or his Hindu nationalist government, sparking fears that the government was crushing dissent.

Mevani is believed to be the first elected politician detained on such grounds.

The activist-politician is a vocal critic of Modi’s right-wing politics and rose to national prominence after launching a protest campaign over the flogging of seven Dalits by “cow vigilantes” — zealots who target Muslims and Dalits to protect the bovines sacred to many Hindus.

Sectarian violence and right-wing Hindu vigilantism have increased since Modi came to power in 2014, and critics frequently allege that the popular leader’s reluctance to condemn radical elements is emboldening them.

Modi, a far right wing and racist leader, has also been accused of turning a blind eye to anti-Muslim violence in his home state of Gujarat when he served as chief minister there.

More than a dozen Indian states have witnessed violent clashes between Hindus and Muslims over the past two weeks, with one person killed in Gujarat.

In the capital Delhi, bulldozers have been sent in to demolish the homes of Muslims accused of rioting.

Experts say that the corruption and colonial mind-set that is so deep inside Indian business and political leaders worldwide, are planet by the British during their occupation and not part of the real good old ordinary Indian people.

Yet, this incident shows once again, that India is just a fake democracy.

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