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Monday, Nov 29, 2021

Inside China's New $18 Billion Dollar Airport

You won't believe what the inside of China's new Airport looks like! Worth over $18 Billion Dollars, it's the absolute height of luxury for the first class traveller!
There’s a new airport in town, and it may just be better than any of the travel destinations that you were ever so ready to go on.

It’s big, it’s beautifully designed, it’s got modern technology, and… it’s shaped like a gigantic starfish. Oh, and not to mention, it cost the Chinese government a whopping 18 billion dollars to build.

We are of course talking about the brand new standard for aviation and transportation, known as the Daxing International Airport in Beijing. It’s unlike any other airport on the planet, in both design philosophy, and in convenience.

While it’s distinctive shape may look more science fiction than reality, believe it or not getting to each of the furthest gates takes no more than 8 short minutes by walking. Oh, and let’s not forget that the terminal is the size of 97 soccer pitches. That’s. Huge.

But size isn’t the only thing that will capture your imagination here, because there’s also the latest and greatest in technology in the form of facial recognition software, and smart robots.

They will get you in and out and on to your next flight, or back to your car, faster than you can say “take off”. Inside, there’s also quite a bit to check out, including traditional chinese gardens, a yoga studio, restaurants, a hotel, a spa, and more. It’s just, too good to be true.

Who’d of thought that the airport itself would be more interesting than your trip? Well, with the Daxing international airport in Beijing, that’s exactly the case. And it doesn’t look to be topped any time soon.

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