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Tuesday, Mar 02, 2021

iPhone 11 Pro can now shoot on two cameras at once

The free app from FilmiC Pro was previewed in September at an Apple iPhone event and is just now being released.

Podcasters, interviewers and just everyday video enthusiasts will get a kick out of the new app that lets iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max users get two camera views at once on a video shoot.

The free app, DoubleTake, is from the folks who make FiLMiC Pro, the $14.99 app favored by filmmakers to bring manual controls for lighting and color to the automatic smartphone camera. It basically turns the shoot into a "multicam studio," similar to how a TV director sees the shot.

Podcasters doing a one-on-one interview can show both parties at the same time. A family history video can offer a close-up and medium shot simultaneously of the subject. A shot of a concert from the stands can offer two views of the band.

The iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max have four cameras at their disposal, ultra-wide, wide-angle, telephoto and selfie cam.

While the app is aimed at the most recent iPhones, it works on all Apple devices that have iOS13, the latest operating system software. For the models from 2018, the XS, XS Max and XR, it can shoot multiple images from two of the cameras on the phone. It also works, technically, with older iPhones, but it can't do much beyond offer you recording ability on one single camera view.

Once the app is downloaded, you open it up, choose your angle and start recording. You have the option of either using your fingers while recording to shift back and forth between the two shots or offer both as picture-in-picture within one finished file that won't need editing. You can also produce both images on two separate video files.

Kevin Buonagurio, the chief operating officer for FiLMiC, recommends that users opt for a tripod on these shots for a steadier image. "It would be a healthy thing to have," he says.


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