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Tuesday, Oct 26, 2021

Ireland encourages remote work to repopulate rural areas

The Irish government is hoping to bank on the rise of remote work to breathe new life into rural towns and villages.

Before the pandemic, many of us would never have imagined working mostly from home.

But for some, it's shown enough perks to become more permanent – and bring an end to commuting into a city.

Ireland is now hoping to bank on the trend to reverse decades of depopulation in rural areas.

The government has unveiled a plan to encourage workers to move to the countryside in droves, pledging to roll out superfast broadband, special grants, tax breaks, and to use rural pubs as daytime working hubs.

"We set up before the pandemic, and we've always seen that one of the biggest drivers of people leaving rural areas is jobs," said Tracy Keogh, co-founder of Grow Remote, a non-profit connecting people to remote work jobs in Ireland.

"And when you can disconnect location from employment, you just free up where people can live and how they can live," she told Euronews.

Watch the interview in the video player above.


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