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Wednesday, Nov 30, 2022

Is Amazon AWS down? Ring, Disney+, Tinder and dozens of apps go offline

Is Amazon AWS down? Ring, Disney+, Tinder and dozens of apps go offline

AMAZON Web Services are down, according to thousands of frustrated users. The cause of the issues is currently unknown but DownDetector has found several problems.
People are reporting struggling to login, access Amazon-owned websites, the Amazon app or their AWS console.

If you can't access your Amazon account or Amazon Music you're probably one of the users affected.

Users of Ring doorbells, Disney+ and even Tinder are said to be experiencing issues.

Reports of problems in the US started to pick up around 10:30am ET.

The problems are also affecting users in the UK and the outage is said to be worldwide.

The exact extent of the problem or what has caused it is not currently known

Frustrated users have taken to social media to complain.

One person tweeted: "Can’t listen to Amazon Music. My Ring Doorbell doesn’t work.

"Can’t control my lights with Alexa. On the upside, I’m spending a lot less on Christmas."

Another said: "Amazon is down, this is a pain..."

One Tinder user asked: "so is tinder down? my messages are still loading."

A few other users complained that it was taking a while for Tinder messages to load.

One Amazon customer even joked: "Amazon is DOWN worldwide! Christmas is canceled."

More to follow...

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