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Thursday, Apr 15, 2021

Man charged over online anti-police messages

Man charged over online anti-police messages

Police have arrested a 32-year-old man and accused him of posting messages on a social media channel, inciting violence.
He has been charged with one count of inciting public nuisance and three counts of inciting others to have an intent to hurt others.

The suspect will appear at Kwun Tong Magistracy on Monday.

Announcing his arrest on Sunday, superintendent Swalikh Mohammed from the force's Cyber Security and Technology Crime Bureau said the suspect is believed to be the operator of the channel. He was taken into custody in Tuen Mun on Friday.

The officer said the channel has more than 21,000 users and has been in operation for several months.

He said the man allegedly posted messages about ways to attack police officers or people holding opposite views, and to obstruct traffic.

Officers said they made the arrest after launching an investigation into online social platforms suspected of spreading hatred and inciting violence over the past nine months, since the start of the anti-government protests last June.

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