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Monday, Jan 25, 2021

Protestors in Hong Kong have got wearable projectors to avoid facial recognition

Modern problem require modern solution, and Hong Kong yound and bright people as ever, found it: This is an art project from last year, It’s a school project called the Anonymous by students of HKU (University of the Arts Utrecht).

 Is privacy just for those with something to hide?

By allowing the use of our information we open ourselves to manipulation.

Cameras and other technologies create a safer living environment than ever before. Mega databanks and high resolution cameras stock hundreds of exabytes a year. But who has access to this data?

Not only the security department but also the advertisement industry is interested in this technology. They pay to use real time data to their advantage. They create advertisements that call your name, keep records of your personal interests and they follow you everywhere you go.

Security is our first priority, but your personal thoughts and opinions should be kept private. We as designers created products that protect you from this privacy violation.These products protect your emotions, opinions, data and thoughts.


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