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Friday, Jul 23, 2021

‘Active threat’ warning for US email users after China cyberattack

‘Active threat’ warning for US email users after China cyberattack

The White House is warning Americans face an “active threat” of cyberattacks by email after Microsoft’s servers were hacked.

America has long accused the Chinese government of cyber-espionage, something Beijing denies, but Microsoft’s Threat Intelligence Centre says it has “high confidence” a “state-sponsored threat actor” in China, codenamed Hafnium, is the culprit.

Britain’s former chief medical officer says that countries must work together to ensure widespread vaccination to help beat Covid-19.

Professor Dame Sally Davies discussed the pandemic’s impact on the world and her concerns for the future when human bodies evolve to no longer respond to medicines, known as Antimicrobial Resistance.

Scientists are warning the Earth will run out of oxygen in a billion years, some five billion years after our planet was formed.

According to a new study in Nature Geoscience by the University of St Andrews, Earth will be blasted by an increasing amount of fierce solar energy from the Sun, killing the early stages of photosynthesis needed for plant growth and oxygen creation.

Twitter is testing an ‘undo’ feature offering users a short time window to retrieve their 280-character tweet, Elon Musk is down to his last $150 billion after taking a hit on his Tesla shares. And, the world’s oldest wild bird - Wisdom the albatross - has had a chick at the age of at least 70 in a wildlife refuge in the North Pacific Ocean.

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