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Thursday, Jul 29, 2021

WatsApp killer: Signal - the most secure messenger for everyone

Signal Private Messenger is the most secure messaging app you can install on your phone.

It’s perfect for one one on straightforward messaging.

If you run and admin many groups, and need a better and more secure application than Watsapp, Signal is not the best for it, yet. You better download Telegram. It’s more private and secure from WhatsApp and contain much more and very cool features.

What we recommend is:

1. Delete WhatsApp from your phone, to prevent Facebook spying on you without you even knowing they do it, against your financial interests and against your privacy rights. If you must you may install it on an old phone that is not with you all the time and far from where you have any private conversations, and use it only when you really need. Do not install it on a device that have contact details, photos or other information you do not want Facebook to collect store and use against your professional, personal and commercial interest.

2. Download Signal App to your phone and use it for your professional, private and personal conversations.

Note: just like any other app, it will NOT help you to hide your communication from law enforcement and spy agencies. But if this is what you are looking for, we do not want to help you. 

3. Download and install Telegram, to enjoy more rich features, much safer than WhatsApp and a bit less secure than Signal.

Your smart friends are already there, so don’t worry about them.

And if you have primitive friends that still using WhatsApp, help them to upgrade and protect their own interest.


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