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Wednesday, Nov 30, 2022

What happens to a robot when he loses a game to a human?

A robot who played chess with a 6 year old child in Moscow, broke his finger as soon as the robot began losing the game. Perhaps we will learn from this event, what may happen when Robots will eventually take a bigger role in our lives and start beating us when they don’t like what we do.

This event demonstrates the danger of artificial intelligence that scientists are warning us about - where robots would become so smart that they start making decisions based on their logic and not based our interest.

For example, we are developing robots to kill the bad guys. However, the danger is that they will turn on us, and kill who they think are the bad guys. You know, the people who invading other countries, forcing them to change their system of government, and steeling their natural resources, in the name of “democracy”...


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