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Friday, May 14, 2021

Virus has no nationality

New Viruses are created every day in every country, and can be spread in one day, to any other country by air, water, birds and people.

When a virus attacks people, the virus doesn't give a damn about who you are, what you are, and how much money you have. For the virus, we are all the same item on the menu: fresh, human meat. White meat, black meat, yellow meat: all is good.

If we don’t like the idea of being just an item on the virus’ menu, we had better work together to beat it - instead of blaming each other that it's a Chinese virus made in Wuhan, or an American virus imported to China, or any other conspiracy theory. It is not important now where the virus is started, but how we stop it. 

As humans, we are paying now the obvious price for the mistake we made by investing so much money in developing weapons to kill each other, instead of investing this money in our health care. 

Just look around to see how stupid we are. 

Even in this Covid-19 pandemic, no one is asking: why does the World Health Organization not have a budget at least 10 times greater than NATO? Why do we have so many factories to manufacture bombs, but no face masks and respirators?

Why is the budget to kill others so much greater than the budget to save our own lives? What’s the point?

No one is asking why the WAR against the Covid-19 pandemic is led by politicians instead of by the army, medical experts, and scientists. Or by Bill Gates who has devoted his and Melinda's lives, knowledge and fortune for so many years to fight epidemics all over the world, and ... who announced publicly in 2015 exactly what is happening today.

It is easy to blame our governments, but coronavirus is not a political problem. 

The health care in the USA, for example, is as poor and miserable as that of a 3rd world country. Not because of Donald Trump: it has been neglected by all previous American leaders - Democrats and Republicans - who believed, exactly the same as Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, that there is a conflict between capitalism and social care. Leaders who consistently failed to understand that healthy and balanced socialism is a necessary condition for stable and long lasting capitalism. 

If your country cannot make sure that every person – and not just its formal citizens - have a roof over their heads, food, education and health care, then your economic success is only temporary. (In similar vein that the only truly effective way to fight against terror is simply not to create enemies.)

And the problem is not USA. The UK, as well as all the EU, has also traditionally wasting a huge portion of its budget in destablizing far-away countries, instead of stabilizing their health care at home. This is not Boris Johnson’s fault. This is a bug in the DNA of our societies, which drives us to compromise our need, for our greed. 

Blaming each other is the wrong medicine to use against any common problem, any infection. 

This virus should unite us, not divide us. This is not the time to blame one another but to join forces as one, to fight against our common enemy, the virus. 

This is exactly the time to finally understand that we all belong to exactly the same nation. We are all citizens of the same little - very little - planet. 

We are not the only citizens on this planet: Covid-19 is just a new guest in town, whether we like it or not. 

All we need to do now is to decide if we fight against each other, or we - all as one - fight together against our new common enemy. 

Viruses do not care about nationality, religion, race, color, gender or how much money we have. 

The best way to support the virus is to be divided, and the only way to beat the virus is to join forces, to share knowledge and to support each other. 

Covid-19 is a serious but temporary problem that we will solve, sooner or later. Most of us will survive it, no problem. But after the pandemic is gone, and the panic with it, we will wake up to the day after. To the domino effect on our economies, and the social butterfly effect on our people. 

And that's the real challenge. Not Covid-19, but CoGreed-20.


Jose 405 days ago
Wonderful! Thank you!
Indian Guru 405 days ago
100% true!


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